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2915 W. Okeechobee Road, Hialeah
3 1/2 blocks east of Palmetto X-way in the Miami Depot Building
(305) 205-0269
Spinning Class As we build hearts, we discover that almost anything is possible for us, but little can change until we believe in ourselves.

Our training is an artistic blend of music, body & soul. When we ride, the roads are our sanctuary, and the winds are our music & choir.

Indoor Cycling is a journey toward "freedom" which is granted to us by maintaining our fitness.

The Secret at Secret Cycling is really you.


Take the ride of your life for only $5 (no membership, no packages needed)


Spinning Class    Spinning Class
  • We start on time - don't be late; arrive 15-20 minutes prior to start time. Sign-in the next available bike and use the matching tag # to hold your bike in our Cycling room. Use of a Heart Rate Monitor is encouraged.
  • Rides are paid on an honor system. Secret Cycling provides you with a towel to use.
  • The Cycling room consists of 38 professional bikes called the RevMaster. Our bike's pedals accept SDP cleats on one side, and tennis shoes on the other side. We also have baths & showers. Our weight training room is free of charge if you keep it tidy. Our boot camps & circuits are free. Riding is only $5 per class.
  • No memberships required. No packages required. If you love it - you will come back.
  • Our Cycling room is like nothing else you have ever seen before. The people of Secret are a special breed of friends. You will find no place like Secret Cycling!

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