How to get a bike

We use one of the best cycling bikes available, the Lemond Revmaster. We maintain our bikes daily and keep them clean and in impeccable condition. Our bikes take either cycling shoes with cleats or tennis shoes.

To get a bike is easy! When you walk into our lobby, print your name on the sign-in sheet, grab a tag, and head upstairs to select a bike. The number tag you'll grab  will correspond with your place on the sign-in sheet. Red tags are for 6:15 PM only.

Our system is "first-come, first-serve". You will only be able to hold a bike for yourself and no one else. If you arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled class, you will almost always find an available bike. 

For payment we use the honor system. We do not believe in keeping our patrons locked up in memberships or package purchases. When you get upstairs, you will find envelopes on the counter. Grab an envelope, print your name and ride time, insert your cash, and drop it into the payment box.  If you only want to ride one class, the price is $5. If you want to ride unlimited for the week, the price is $20.  

If this will be your first time riding with us, let the instructor know. Our instructors are trained to measure you on our bikes and give you the best possible riding experience. This will not only help prevent injury, but also guarantee that you get the most out of your workout.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us.